It is only a matter of time before your hotel or club reopens and you welcome guests and members back.  With all of the excitement and challenges surrounding reopening, especially with all of the COVID-19 restrictions, it can be easy to forget to acknowledge and properly support the people who allow the reopening to happen – your staff.

During the past weeks and months, your property had to make tough decisions.  Many employees were laid off and furloughed.  In order to be successful in all aspects of reopening, it is imperative that we acknowledge the trauma caused by the pandemic, being out of work, worrying about one’s health, and being off routine.  We also need to do our best to ensure that staff feel as safe as possible, both physically and emotionally, to return to and be at work.

In this webinar, we will discuss reopening and reintegrating from the human element.  We will acknowledge the hardship caused by the pandemic and provide insights and best practices to reintegrate team members to successfully reopen, stay open, and retain your valuable them long after the pandemic is over.  This webinar is not to be missed as we ensure that we are supporting the team members that make reopening possible while acknowledging all that they have been through and continue to experience.


Kari Heistad, Found and CEO, Culture Coach International
Keith Pabian, Founding Partner, Pabian Laww, LLC

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July 14, 2020
Reintegrating Your Workforce: How Best to Support Your Workforce While Reopening (recording)
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Hospitality Financial and Technology Professionals
General Hours: 1.20
Legal Considerations and Risks: From Working from Home to Reopening Businesses (recording)
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