Club Benchmarking has broken much ground in financial analysis of private clubs over the last several years. The most important concept we have discovered is understanding the importance of Net Worth (Member’s Equity, Stockholders Equity). The trend of Net Worth over time is the most important financial metric yet, to our knowledge, is rarely, if ever addressed in the Boardroom. This webinar will address how Net Worth Over Time accurately reflects how any given club has fared on; capital investment and capital income, its value proposition and relevance in a changing market, the trait of the Board to act tactically or strategically. Every finance professional in the club industry should understand this critical metric. While the webinar will present club data the entire concept is directly applicable in the hotel industry as well.


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February 05, 2019
WEB020519A The Importance of Net Worth Over Time
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Hospitality Financial and Technology Professionals
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WEB020519A The Importance of Net Worth Over Time
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